Built From Generational Recipes

Served With Lots of Love and Spice

As a Thai Esane franchise partner, you become part of our growing family, as we expand to bring our unique and authentic Thai cuisine to communities across America. As one of the first Thai restaurant franchises in the country, we’re excited to partner with inspiring business leaders and food service providers who share our values of great operations, growth, and giving back to our people and communities.

About Us

Thai Esane is a highly-regarded restaurant chain specializing in Thai-Laotian cuisine. Founded by Nina Singto and her husband Tim in 2014, Thai Esane has become a beloved staple in Nashville’s food scene, known for its uncompromising commitment to quality and traditional cooking methods.

Nina’s background as a refugee from Laos, combined with her passion for food and her experience selling fresh herbs and vegetables as a child, inspired her to share her family’s recipes and culture with the world through Thai Esane.

Investing in Thai Esane means becoming a part of a successful and growing restaurant chain with a loyal customer base and a reputation for excellence. With its authentic and unique cuisine, exceptional hospitality, and commitment to using only the freshest ingredients, Thai Esane is poised for continued success and expansion in new markets.

Top 6 Reasons to own a Thai Esane franchise

Thai Esane Franchise is a first-of-its-kind franchise opportunity that offers entrepreneurs the chance to tap into the growing demand for authentic Thai cuisine. With successful brick and mortar locations in Nashville, we’re now expanding to introduce our food hall concept to franchise partners across the country.

By owning a Thai Esane franchise, you can be part of a family-owned and operated business that celebrates tradition, hospitality, exuberance, authenticity, and generosity in everything it does.

According to the Thai Trade Center in Los Angeles, there are currently more than 5,000 Thai restaurants in the United States, making it one of the most popular Asian cuisines in the country.

According to research by Technomic, the Asian fast-casual segment is expected to grow by 9% annually through 2023, outpacing other segments of the restaurant industry.

The popularity of Thai cuisine is also due in part to its perceived health benefits. Many Thai dishes feature fresh ingredients like herbs, vegetables, and lean proteins, making them a healthier alternative to other fast food options.

Thai Esane’s authentic recipes and traditional cooking methods are passed down through generations of family tradition, ensuring a unique and memorable dining experience for customers.

With Thai Esane’s food hall concept, franchisees can tap into the growing trend of food halls and shared dining spaces, which are becoming increasingly popular among urban consumers.



Thai Esane’s core principle, where we create warm, welcoming environments and provide exceptional service to make every guest feel valued and cared for.


Driven by the joy of serving great food to friends, old and new, Thai Esane aims to make every meal a celebration of life, culture, and connection.


At Thai Esane, we uphold the integrity of traditional Thai cuisine by using genuine ingredients and time-tested recipes, staying true to our roots.


Embodying a spirit of giving, Thai Esane values helping others and sharing our success with the community, fostering a cycle of goodwill and support.

Our Mission


Food is not only how we connect with each other, it’s how we connect with our past. Thai Esane is our way of genuinely expressing love for our community while honoring the traditions that made us who we are. To us, there’s nothing more exciting than telling our story through the food that we’ve enjoyed for generations.

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